Lesson Plans for Nov.6-10

Monday Nov.6:  We will continue with log properties.  Students will complete page 199 #8-90even.

Tuesday Nov.7-Wednesday Nov.8:  We will have a lesson on More Properties of Logarithms (Expand/Condense).  The assignment is page 207 #6-20even,30,32,37-44all,48-64even,70-84even.  Students will take a Quiz on Wednesday.

Thursday Nov.9:  We will solve both Exponential and Logarithmic Equations.  The assignment is page 217 #1-6all,10,16,18,22,24-72even.

Friday Nov.10:  Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, continued.  The assignment is page 217 #86,92,96-112even,122,144,146.


Lesson Plans for Oct.30-Nov.3

Monday Oct.30-Tues. Oct.31:  Fill in chart on Activity 1-2.  Students will then complete Activity 3, more transformations to exponential equations.  We will take some notes with examples and students will be assigned pg 189-190 #5-8all, 10-16even,17-20all,22-30even,33-36all,50.

Wednesday Nov.1:  We will have a lesson on Applications of Exponential functions, specifically interest.  The assignment is page 190 #65-72all,78,80.

Thursday Nov.2:  We will have a lesson on Logarithmic function graphs.  Students will complete Activity 1 and 2.

Friday Nov.3:  We will have a lesson on Transformation of Logarithmic graphs and Properties of Logarithms.  The assignment is page 199 #8-90 even.  Students will continue working on this assignment Monday in class.

Lesson Plans for Oct.23-27

Monday Oct.23:  Students will turn in page 157 #18,20,24,28,30.  We will continue with graphing rational equations and have a lesson on when Numerator is Greater than Denominator.  The assignment is page 158 #50-56even.

Tuesday Oct.24:  Band is gone to marching contest.

Wednesday Oct.25:  Students will complete a wkst to review 2.6-2.7.

Thursday Oct.26:  TEST 2.6-2.7

Friday Oct.27:  We will have a lesson on Exponential Graphs and Transformations.  Students will do Activity 1 and 2.