Lesson Plans for Jan.15-19

Monday Jan.15:  Holiday 🙂

Tuesday Jan.16:  Students will turn in page 270-271 #13-32,54-62even.  We will practice sine and cosine on the unit circle.  We will have a lesson on Reciprocal Functions, 4.2B.  The assignment is page 270 #33-38,54-68even.

Wednesday Jan.17:  Students will take a Quiz on Sine/Cosine and Unit Circle and complete wkst 4.2.

Thursday Jan.18:  We will have a lesson on finding all 6 trig functions when given a point, 4.3-4.4.  The assignment is  wkst 4.4.

Friday Jan.19:  We will continue with all 6 trig functions.  The assignment is page 289 #12,14,22-26,28-34even,68,72,74,79-84all.

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