Lesson Plans for Jan.8-12

Monday Jan.8:  We will grade and go over pg 262 #11-28 and the Unit Circle.  The assignment is pg 262 #48-66even,88-92all.

Tuesday Jan.9:  We will have a lesson on Angular and Linear Speed and Degrees/Minutes/Seconds for Angles.  Students will practice filling in Unit Circle and we will do wkst 1 together.

Wednesday Jan.10:  Students will take a Quiz on Angles and Unit Circle and complete wkst 2.

Thursday Jan.11-Friday Jan.12:  We will have a lesson on Sine,Cosine, and Tangent.  We will apply these to the Unit Circle and do a Calculator Activity.  The assignment is page 270 #13-32 (Sin,Cos,Tan) and 54-62even (Calculator).


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