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Lesson Plans for Oct.23-27

Monday Oct.23:  Students will turn in page 157 #18,20,24,28,30.  We will continue with graphing rational equations and have a lesson on when Numerator is Greater than Denominator.  The assignment is page 158 #50-56even.

Tuesday Oct.24:  Band is gone to marching contest.

Wednesday Oct.25:  Students will complete a wkst to review 2.6-2.7.

Thursday Oct.26:  TEST 2.6-2.7

Friday Oct.27:  We will have a lesson on Exponential Graphs and Transformations.  Students will do Activity 1 and 2.


Lesson Plans for Oct.16-20

Monday Oct.16-Tuesday Oct.17:  We will go over TEST 2.1-2.3.  Students will make corrections and begin studying for the 9 Week TEST.  We will continue with Asymptotes, 2.6 with Investigation 2 using DESMOS.  The assignment is page 147-148 #1-4,11-28.

Wednesday Oct.18:  9 Week TEST

Thursday Oct.19:  We will have a lesson on Graphs of Rational Functions,2.7A.  The assignment is page 157 #18,20,24,28,30.

Friday Oct.20:  Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

Lesson Plans for Oct.9-13

Monday Oct.9:  Students will turn in 2.3B, page 125 #43-50all, 53-58all.  We will finish section 3 with a lesson on the Rational Zero Test, Descartes Rule, and Upper Bound/Lower Bound.  The assignment is page 125 #59-68all, 73-76all.

Tuesday Oct.10:  We will grade 2.3C and students will take a Quiz.

Wednesday Oct.11:  We will go over 2.2C, 2.3B, and the Quiz.  Students will review for their test.

Thursday Oct.12:  TEST 2.1-2.3

Friday Oct.13:  We will have a lesson on the definition of an asymptote.  Students will work in pairs to discover the rules with a card activity (Investigation 1).