Precal Class Information

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Lesson Plans for August 17-25

Thursday August 17:  We will go over rules, procedures, supplies, the blog, remind, and important apps and websites to bookmark.

Friday August 18:  We will watch a video and then students will fill out a Parent Function Chart as a review of Algebra 2.

Monday August 21:  We will review the Parent function chart and begin Lines and Slope, 1.1.  The assignment is page 11 #1-6,8,12,18,20,26-34even,44-50even,64-68even,78,80,94.

Tuesday August 22:  We will begin Functions, 1.2A.  The assignment is page 24:  #1-5,8-16all, 20-40even, 53-56all.

Wednesday August 23:  We will review Parent functions and add the Step function (Greatest Integer Function).  We will have a lesson on Domain and Range, 1.2b-1.3A.  The assignment is page 25 #58-66even (Justify with algebra), and page 37 #7-10, 11-16 (use algebra), 17-18 (9 parts), 19-22.

Thursday August 24:  We will finish 1.3 with a lesson on Even/Odd functions, Maximum/Minimum points, and intervals of Increase/Decrease.  The assignment is page 38 #24-46even, 64-72even, 76, 80-84even.

Friday August 25:  Students will study Parent Functions with cards in partner groups.  We will begin Piecewise Functions.  The assignment is a wkst.

New School Year 2017-2018


This class is an advanced math class that will utilize all prior learning in mathematics.  We will be taking concepts learned in Algebra 2 and expanding those to include new functions and a new subject called Trigonometry.

Be ready for a challenging math course requiring hard work and study.  Completing homework on your own IS A MUST, as is studying completed and corrected homework!  This will ensure your success in this class and I hope prepare you for future college math classes.

Needed supplies can be found under the “In this blog” section.

Let’s work together to make this a great and productive school year!