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Lesson Plans for Dec.11-15

Monday Dec.11:  We will have a lesson on the Binomial Theorem, 8.4A.  The assignment is page 604-605 #6-16even,24-30even,72,74.

Tuesday Dec.12:  We will continue with 8.4 and finish the Binomial Theorem.  The assignment is page 604-605 #32-48even,56,58,60.

Wednesday Dec.13:  Students will study for the 9 week Test.

Thursday Dec.14:  Students will take the 9 Week TEST.

Friday Dec.15:  Students taking the exam will study.


Lesson Plan for Dec.4-8

Monday Dec.4-Tuesday Dec.5:  We will grade page 586-587 #12-46even,58-70even and have a lesson on Geometric Sequences,8.3.  The assignment is page 595-596 #8-42even,58-64even,7076even.

Wednesday Dec.6:  Students will take a Quiz.

Thursday Dec.7:  Students will review in preparation for a TEST.

Friday Dec.8:  TEST 8.1-8.3