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Lesson Plans for March 19-23

Monday March 19:  Student Holiday

Tuesday March 20:  We will continue with Fundamental Trig Identities, 5.1 with factoring trig identities.  The assignment is page 354 #45-56all.

Wednesday March 21:  The students will take Quiz 1.

Thursday March 22:  DISTRICT U.I.L. (NO CLASSES)

Friday March 23:  We will have a lesson on Verifying Trig Identities, 5.2.  The assignment is page 362-363#11-20.


Lesson Plans for Feb.26-Mar.2

Monday Feb.26:  We will continue with 4.8 and look at Applications of SOHCAHTOA.  The assignment is page 332 #19-34all.

Tuesday Feb.27:  Students will complete 16 problems involving Angles of Elevation/Depression.

Wednesday Feb.28:  Students will complete a wkst on Right Triangle Trigonometry.

Thursday Mar.1:  Students will review material from 4.3,4.7-4.8 in preparation for a TEST.

Friday Mar.2:  TEST 4.3,4.7-4.8