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Lesson Plans for Mar.27-31

Monday Mar.27-Tuesday Mar.28:  We will have a lesson on Solving Trig Equations, 5.3.  The assignment is page 373 #6-28even,29-48all (omit 46).  Tuesday, we will go over the TEST on Identities.

Wednesday Mar.29:  We will have a lesson on the Sum and Difference Formulas, 5.4 part 1.  The assignment is page 381 #1-12,20,24.

Thursday Mar.30.  Students will be doing bonus test point questions for the Identities Test.

Friday Mar.31:  We will continue working with the Sum/Diff Identities.  The assignment is page 381 #27-40all,43-50all.

Lesson Plans for March 20-24

Monday Mar.20:  We will go over the quiz taken before spring break.  We will continue with verifying trig identities, 5.2.  The assignment is pages 362-363 #33-38,40,42-48.

Tuesday Mar.21:  We will continue with pages 362-363 and students will add on #51-56.

Wednesday Mar.22:  Students will take a Quiz on Identities.

Thursday Mar.23: Students will be released early in order for White Oak High School to compete in district UIL competition.

Friday Mar.24:  Students will take a test on Identities.

Lesson Plans for Mar. 6-10

Monday Mar.6:  We will grade the assignment on Factoring with Identities.  Students will then have bonus test point questions for the 4.7-4.8 Test.  They will then complete a wkst on Identities.

Tuesday Mar.7- Wednesday Mar.8:  We will have a lesson on Verifying Identities and do several examples together in class.  The assignment for Tues:  pg 362-363 #11-20.  The assignment for Wed:  pg 362-363 #22-30

Thursday Mar.9:  Students will have a Quiz on Identities.

Friday Mar.10:  We will go over the quiz.